Eagle And Sequence Generator

I have installed the newest version of SGP in the hopes that it will allow me to use the swiches feature with an Eagle3 device. The release notes say that a dialogue has been added to allow one to manually enter the IP address of the Eagle rather than relying on autodetect.

I know I am likely just being thick, but I can’t find the location for entering that information. Can someone point me to the right place?

Thanks in advance.

It is odd but why would Eagle have a separate IP address except if you are not using SGPro from within the EAGLE.

No idea. I am using sgp from inside the eagle. But the switches functionality is not working. I was hoping this was the fix.

Presumably so you can access the device from outside the network?

Been waiting on an Eagle 4 to arrive for a few weeks now, and looking forward to finding out first hand!

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Hey folks… sorry for the delay. We are moving to a new state and Im trying to work this stuff in.

That is exactly why. The default address assumes that you run SGPro on the eagle itself. BUT… you will need to make sure that SGPro knows what port number the Eagle switches can be found at (you can find this in the Eagle manager software). Please go into the settings for the Eagle switch device and ensure that SGPro is running on the Eagle device is checked and that SGPro is pointing to the correct port.

Just bumping this. Any ETA on getting the Eagle3 switch functionality working?

Also interested to see if it works with Eagle 4.