Elbrus failures

Hi, i guess this follows on from a previous post where elbrus fails to solve. I have identified the camera angle from an astrometry solve as 206 deg.

When i plug in my sampling (0.99) and angle in sgp, and ask sgp to centre elbrus fails and ansvr kicks in. The angles i get reported back have been:

206, 17, 24

So i am lost here.

Any help appreciated.


206 and 24 are pretty close and are likely just on opposite sides of the pier (206-180 = 26). I’m not sure about 17…that’s far enough out to be suspect.

I’m assuming that ANSVR is reporting those values and not Elbrus? What search setting are you using for elbrus (In the plate solve tab of the Control Panel)? I generally recommend using the 5x5 Dual Angle option.

You may try using the 2x2 at Any Angle option. It will take a good deal longer but it may succeed and give you an accurate angle.