Elbrus problem

For the last few nights I’ve noticed a problem with Elbrus. I am getting an error “Database not found or folder not found” in the top of the Elbrus screen next to the Analyse button when I try to use Elbrus to “center on object”.

Elbrus works when I initially set things up - ie slew to a point in the sky, blind solve and sync and then solve and sync with Elbrus, however it throws this error when I try to center on object. Once the error shows up Elbrus seems to lock up so I close the Elbrus window. The weird thing is thereafter it still seems to be working in the background.

I can post the SGP log however I’m unsure how to upload it?

You should probably reinstall Elbrus with our installer. It might be looking for the wide field databases and breaking badly.

I’ve been putting off doing that - do I need to uninstall first?

Shouldn’t need to.

That seemed to work - had to re-download all the databases though :<