EQMod and SGP and Hello!

Hello everyone!

I’m new in the forum and I have recently purchased SGP, for my observatory remotized (www.astrofabiomax.it) I have an eq6 with EQMOD direct (latest version) and I have a problem, plus some crashes, with EQMOD and SGP does not work the meridian flip. I tried to read some of your intervention, but unfortunately I was not able to understand the problem. Maybe it’s a problem of parameters to be included in EQMOD? I apologize if I repeat a topic on the subject and I would like to thank those who can help me and I would like to greet everyone.

Hello Fabiomax,
Welcome to the group!
You will find that the developers, Jared and Ken, are very responsive to requests for help, but they will need more information from you. This post How To Ask For Help will tell you what they need.

Thank you! I did not see the log, the next time will follow the signs to show the log. However, if someone uses without problems meridian flip with SGP EQMOD could show me how to set the two software.
Thank you