EqMod Crashing SGP

Hi Guys, I have beem Using SGP with EQmod for a while now and never had a problem mow im getting errors. Im getting an error 55 file already open when trying to connect to mount and another error when going into settings sayin creating an instance of the com component with clsid … Help Please
and settings as stated in another thread are correct



I’m not able to provide much insight when it comes to EqMod. The message you are seeing comes directly from the EqMod driver. As such, we don’t have any direct knowledge of its meaning. If you can try to connect and then post logs, there may be more information in there.

Are you only running EQMOD and SGP and are they both running both in Admin mode? I can’t quite remember if this kind of error pops up when a version of EQMOD is initiated in Admin mode and another one in non-admin mode, for example if you start SGP and connect to telescope in non-admin mode and then you start PHD2 in admin mode and connect to the telescope. it is possible for two conflicting instances of EQMOD to be running.

Just a thought.