EQMOD question

Inside of a running sequence, EQMOD /PlateSolve syncing works perfectly. Meaning, the scope slews, takes an image, plate solves, adjusts for RA/DEC errors, rinse repeat. Works perfectly.

Anybody have a magic method to sync EQMOD outside of a running sequence? Was trying to image Jupiter tonight in the 30 minutes before running a sequence and failed. I take an image, right-click PLATE SOLVE, everything works fine - just no syncing to EQMOD.

Trying right-click CENTER HERE just sits and spins forever and never finds a valid solve.

Finally gave up, ran the sequence, SGP slewed to 1st target, platesolved and synced without difficulty and is running smoothly.

Solve and Sync is available from Control Panel -> Plate Solve tab



Perfect. Thanks.