Equal progress event completion

I am usually imaging L,R,G,B with twice as much subs for L and B than R,G.
If I prepare 4 light events:
20 L
10 R
10 G
20 B
Sequence Generator will rotate through all events, taking 10L, 10R, 10G, 10B and then continue taking L,B until completion.
Since something may interrupt my sequence, is it possible to take:
2L , 1R, 1G, 2B and rotate?
Programmatically you can tell the software to always select the LEAST completed event.
Currently to do this I create 6 events , L,R,G,B,L,B all with 10 iterations and different suffix for L and B. But if I wanted to do 20L / 10R / 15G / 20B would be impossible.

Create two events of 10L and two events of 10B and you get what you want.

In the last sentence that’s what I am saying that I am doing but this works, as I also explained only on exposure numbers where one is a multiple of the other.