Equipment problems after upgrading from W7 to W10

Two weeks ago I had to replace my W7 laptop and bought a W10 desktop pc for my observatory. I have experienced two problems since with W10: with my roof ascom driver and with auto-centring with my QSI683. I am using SGP Neither of these problems manifested with my W7 laptop.

ROR ascom roof driver: with my old W7 laptop I selected HitecObs as the device from the settings icon in the Sequence Window and could connect directly this way. When I set this in my new W10 pc and try to connect, an error message appears saying there is no HitecObs Controller connected and SGP freezes upon clicking or closing the dialogue box and I have to use Task Manager to exit from SGP. If I use POTH within which I select and setup the HitecObs driver everything will connect and work OK. So I can slave using POTH and everything functions how it should, however this is a change in behaviour in W10 compared to W7. Using the HitecObs software and UI there is no difference in ability to connect between W7 and W10 and the driver is recognised.

I tried downgrading to SGP however the error was the same. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the HitecObs driver as well as Ascom6.2 but there was no difference. Whilst I can use POTH and the ROR functions including End of Sequence options and my weather safety device (AAG CW) it is not as elegant a connection as direct to the ascom driver and is a distinct change. I have contacted Hitec in the UK but have not yet received an answer.

The log is here, and the call for the connection to the ‘Ascom Dome’ is at the end of the log and there are no lines of text after that line, the log simply ends.

The USB lead from the roof control panel connects to a powered USB hub and from there to the new desktop USB port (the hub also has a USB device to enable me to remotely boot on/off the 10 Micron mount). None of this has changed between the old and new pc.

Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated?

QSI683-wsg: I am able to use Centre Here without a hitch after a Solve & Synch. However when using Auto Centre the ccd image does not download at step 2, the telescope stops tracking (my 10 Micron handcontroller does not initiate a slew and reports a catch-all type error of ‘lock clutches’; note the clutches are tight and do not need locking). I am not sure whether the hanging download of the frame capture precedes the mount stopping or vice versa. I am able to abort the Auto Centre however when this clears (after maybe 30 seconds) SGP freezes and loses mount connectivity. I do not have a log of this but will endeavour to get one over the next few days weather permitting. I will also get a log from the ccd and mount.

This error may of course be related to the similar error experienced by others and I understand a new beta will shortly be on its way. It may well be prudent for me to wait for this release and to see if the issue persists.

BTW, I don’t normally use Auto Centre or Centre as the slews on the 10 Micron GM1000HPS are sufficiently accurate to obviate the need, however, I was testing this after switching to W10 and noticed the problem and whilst I don’t normally use these functions I would like to know that everything works as it should - I may need to use them at some point.

Thanks for any help you can give.