Error capturing during frame and focus!


I am currently using the latest SGP PRO and a QHY123c with all the latest drivers.

every time i cycle frame and focus i am getting a error message ERROR CAPTURING DURING FRAME AND FOCUS

even when capturing a light frame. I have tried the previous software but no luck

see log attached

well after a laptop restart the problem has gone

but here is the log. I suspect it maybe back

<< Edit by Jared - Removing Log as it was likely truncated anyways…>>

Please zip or attach logs rather than copying and pasting into the message body. Text will get truncated after a certain length. How to ask for help

Not sure what happened but sounds like things are working. Let us know if the problem persists.


Has there been any progress on this issue? I am experiencing it too and it’s maddening.
I’m using a ZWO 1600 mono and cannot even run the flats wizard.
The log reports that the ASCOM driver does not support speed changes and it runs out of memory. I have the driver USB speed set at the lowest speed possible (40). SGP v2.6.0.25