Error creating sequence from profile

I have been using SGPro 4.0.0,661 since March with no issues… Today I open SGPro and cannot open the Equipment Profile Manager. If I try to add the profile to my current sequence I get a “pop up” stating:
Error creating sequence from profile “Tal200-Atik 460-Lodestar X2” Object reference not set to an instance of an object. The “Tal200-Atik 460-Lodestar X2” is then removed from the profile dropdown list.
I have reloaded ver: 661 and also reverted to ver: 657 and the issue persists.

I have uploaded both the profile and the error code files for your perusal

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Most likely the profile is corrupt, maybe try to open in in Notepad++ and compare to a working profile?

Thank you for responding. However I cannot even create a new profile without a similar warning. I’ve checked the path to the profile repository and that is correct.

As i wrote most likely the profile is corrupt.
You can move the corrupt profile out of the directory to make profile manager work again.
To check what is actually wrong with the profile open it in Notepad++ and compare to another profile, you might be able to salvage by manual repair or at least draw the conclusion that you just need to make a new one.

Checked through the profile and everything looked ok. I have SGPro ver: on my system, I use it for my QHY 8Pro. I loaded it and everything works as it should >Equipment Profile manger box opens and all my profiles load with no issues. What I can’t understand is that I imaged with SGPro on Saturday night with no issues and the next day I get this.

If on the same computer, most probably SGP changed the Profiles to be compatible with the 4.xx Version and the older version can not read them anymore.

I cannot use any of my profiles or any means of adding a new profile using Ver: I had been using this latest version since last March. The issue only started to happen as of yesterday.
I only opened Ver 3…2.0.609 to see if the profile issue existed on an earlier version of SG Pro. It does not, which means my profile directory is not corrupt.

I had the same issue - various things around profile management and loading older sequences coming in with error messages. I have probably loaded 30 betas since the last fresh install, so I bit the bullet and did just that. I cleared out everything and just started again. Whatever it was, it seems to have fixed the issue. Not ideal but I guess something is getting confused. Only thing, and only on one of my installations, is the file preview path sunglasses button, which does nothing on older sequences.

Hi Buzz, Like you, I have been adding beta’s ad infinitum and something is amiss. However I can now load my profiles but I cannot load new or amend any of my profiles as I cannot open the profile manager. This happens on the latest Ver 4 betas 32 & 64 bit. Very strange

same here, and after a fresh install on a new computer

I tried running SGP as an admin, and that seemed to work.
@Jared - something is amiss