Error in Plate solving

i have tried the trial version…so far so good… but i get an error on platesolving(server)…here an picture maybe u can give me an hint& it helps…
tonight maybe the next CS after 4 weeks :wink:

frindly greetings

heres another pic after fresh install…

Your screen shots don’t really give all that much information re the attempt to plate solve with Elbrus.

The very first thing that you need to check is that Elbrus is trying to solve at the same pixel scale as the actual shot pixel scale. If that is not right then it will always fail.

After that the camera angle is also important - unless you are sure that you have that correct angle in the ‘hints’ then gain I would bet on Elbrus failing. It may be best to start with SEARCH: 2 x2 Degrees, Any angle. This is a bit slower than you will come to enjoy with Elbrus - but perhaps best to get things started.


First make sure that you are using the RC4 beta version of SGPro 2.4. It has better interaction with Elbrus. Second, make sure you can get Elbrus to work without having SGPro involved at all. If you do those two things, then you can post logs and we’ll take a look.


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Hi Ken,
i will try at the next CS…&report…