Expand limit exposures (actually, 500)

Hi, everybody. First of all, I’m sorry for my english, I’m Spanish.
Well, to the point.
The current cameras have a very high sensibility and that does that, instead of taking several exposures of several minutes, there take thousands of exposures of only one or a few seconds with a fantastic result.
With my ASI224 cooled I only can put up to 500 exposures in SGP. Of course, I can add 6 or 7 events of 500 exposures each one, but I think it is an “ugly” solution. Might the limit of the exposuress be extended or even not put limit?
Thank you for your attention and have a clear skies…


Sure 500 was an arbitrary number because we thought nobody would ever need more than this for a single event. I have increased the number to 999, but further changes will require changes in the UI.

Thanks, Ken.