Exposue Time jumps from hundreds to thousands of seconds

I am using version About a half dozen times, during the course of an imaging evening, a sequence exposure time will jump from hundreds to thousands of seconds. For example, last night I was imaging in narrow band. My subs were 420 secs. By about the third or fourth image sub, it appears to hang; however, when I look at the exposure time for that particular sub, it is counting down from 2496 sec. At one point did it go from 420 secs to 2,000+? What is causing this? About the only thing I can think may be causing this is me decreasing the number of subs. For example, when I realize I am running out of time during the night, I may decrease a sub count from 9 to 7. That’s all I touch during a sequence and then all of a sudden one sub is counting down from a few thousand seconds. Please assist. Equip: QHY163M Camera with Ultraslim 7 pos filter wheel. My telescope and mount are not controlled by SGP. I do not use PHD. I have a separate auto guider. I only use SGP for imaging.

We’ll need logs to investigate. Please see here:


Hi all,

I found the solution. It was my Asus T102HA Tablet running Windows 10. I bought two. They have a memory leak problem that caused this. I bought a DEL Ruggedized Laptop for the cold nights and everything works fine now. If you are experiencing this problem, try switching your laptops!