External Notification Test Fails

I am unable to successfully setup External Notification

I have tried two servers, yahoo and gmail

I have double/triple checked that all firewall settings are ok - i.e., not being blocked.

I have reviewed the Forum and NOT found anything that is actionable for me.


Given that the message is only ‘test fails’ I am unclear of why my external notification setup is not working.

I have double checked all the settings in the dialog per the help/documentation and posts and my settings are aligned.

Please provide detailed step-by-step instructions on the setup or how to troubleshoot.

thank you

You can find detailed instructions for setting up notifications here:

Specifically for gmail you will need to allow “Less secure applications”:

Note for GMail users: SGPro can sometimes be flagged as a "less secure application". In order to use gmail with SGPro, you might need to go here and allow less secure applications access to your address: https://www.google.com/settings/security/lesssecureapps

You should be getting back more than “Test Fails” unless something is highly misconfigured (wrong SMTP server/port)

Thank you,

I have gmail notifications working by setting up to accept “less secure applications” but I have been notified by Google that they will no longer support “less secure applications” after May 30, 2022. All apps will need to support “Sign in with Google” Are there plans to update SGP to allow gmail users to continue to receive notifications?

Thanks for the heads up here… we knew this was coming and we’ll add it to the list of things.

Thanks for fixing this promptly. Much appreciated.

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