Fail to plate solve after meridian flip

Hi i use the plate solve but sgp can’t plate solve after a meridian flip. I use NEQ6 Pro.
After the fail i try to center again own with to ways platesolve 2 or but fail again i try 50 times.
In begging of session the plate solve works but after the meridian fail.

Thanks Themis

Hi Themis, and welcome to SGP. Please see THIS POST on how to ask for help, and we’ll try to get your plate solving working.

Hey Themis,

What is your settling time set to? I’m willing to bet it wasn’t settled enough before it requested the plate solve. I have mine set to 10 seconds; I think some people have significantly higher numbers though. I usually see that SGP fails to plate solve if the stars are streaking (not settled yet).

Post your logs too!