Failed to center multiple times same RA error CGX-L

Had an issue last night (not the first time) Where a target could not be centered. It failed multiple times. Each time the RA value error was nearly the same. As if the mount could not slew any closer in RA. Thing is the target was several degrees east of the meridian (Pointing south).

I aborted the sequence and re-started and poof centered the object on the first try.

I was wondering if this was something to do with the mount’s RA limits? The CGX-L can slew past the meridian without a flip up to 30 degrees or so. I had the limits disabled (default). Maybe I should enable the limits and set them for like 0 or -5 or so? I also had “prefer west” enabled.

I have the log file if I can figure out how to attach it. The fun starts right around 10:00pm

Brief update.

Enabled RA limits and set it to zero both sides E & W. Disabled preferred side.

The ‘troublesome’ target centered on the second try, first one was only off by about 160 pixels.

I will touch back if the error occurs again.