Failed to connect mount Avalon Linear


I’ve just purchased SGP.
I have a problem when connecting my equipment:
I can connect:

  • atik383L
  • atik EFW2 filter wheel
  • Robofocus

I’m not able to connect the mount “AvalonStarGo.NET” (this is the mount driver).
I push “connect”, I have to wait for some seconds, then I get an error (see screenshot below).

The mount is correctly seen by TheSkyX, MaximDL, PHD, but not by SGP.
I aslo tried to connect just the mount (nothing else).

What can I check (i.e. log, other) ?
Any idea ?

it seems it’s ok
I had to open SGP with admin privileges.


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You should really try to get this to work without doing that. It’s just going to create all sorts of problems later when connecting to and using other applications with dissimilar administrative privileges.

Here is some info to get us logs to inspect: