Feather touch motorfocus lags SGP extremely


I recently purchased SGP and was successful to connect camera, filterwheel and telescope without problems.
However, I have problems with a Feather Touch motor focus DH-1.
This works well via ASCOM in Maxim but lags SGP extremely.
I am able to connect after 1-2 minutes waiting time.
Focusing is not possible.

Any tricks ?

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Hard to tell. Please see here so we can take a look:



Thanks a lot for your replay.

I just wanted to post how I solved that problem.

For a test the focuser was not installed directly via the ASCOM driver, but using the POTH system of the ASCOM drivers, in which you can define devices in a “relescope hub” which allows that several programs can simultaneously use the devices. Thanks Hansjörg for the Tip.

This way, SGP now connects fast and there are no lags.

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I seem to be having the same problem as you had last year. I am trying to use SGP to control an old Feathertouch dh-1. SGP can connect after a long delay, but then while I am connected, SGP is extremely laggy, so much so that it is unusable. Once I disconnect, the lag disappears.

I can’t figure out how to use POTH to solve this issue. If I connect POTH to my feathertouch focuser, SGP says that it cannot connect to the focuser. If I disconnect POTH, SGP connects with severe lag, as before.

How exactly did you solve the problem with POTH?

You connect the Focuser to POTH, then in SGP you connect to the POTH Focuser (Not the Feathertouch)

POTH acts as a go-between.


Fantastic, thanks Jared. Now I can connect via POTH, and everything seems to be working as it should.