Feature Request - API

Hi everyone,

I know there are plans to update the SGP API, so I wanted to put in my request early.

I’m in a shared remote observatory where control of the roof is not entirely my own. I plan to write my own safety software and would like to be able to stop a session and trigger an orderly closure of SGP (park mount, warm camera, disconnect equipment and close program) externally.

I have used the API a bit for imaging via another software and have found it really useful.

Furthermore, the ability to use a third party focuser would also be a plus.

Thanks and keep up the good work:-).

Best regards,


You can do this today by creating an ASCOM Safety Device. I’ve actually done exactly this for a shared observatory that I’m in. It’s pretty simple. Basically returns a single “Is Safe” flag. When that gets set to false SGP will initiate the shutdown sequence. Also if you have the “Resume on Safe” behavior enabled, SGP will monitor the safety condition and start back up once the “Is Safe” goes back to true (and SGP waits for a couple minutes).

Not sure about your comment for 3rd party focusers? Again this is supported through creating an ASCOM device.


Thanks Jared. I must admit I hadn’t thought of dealing with it that way, but writing as ASCOM driver would certainly achieve the goal very elegantly.

Re focusers: I was not very clear, sorry. I meant third party packages such as Focusmax - similar to Voyager’s solution. I have a bespoke package that is optimised for my own equipment and therefore a little bit faster and possibly a little more accurate than the SGP generic routine.