Feature Request: Decrement all target times by X minutes

Since I image through a gap in the trees, I usually have 3-5 targets in my sequence. So when I have to change the start/stop times - and at this time of year, I’m changing them almost every session - I have to enter a lot of new times, which is time consuming and creates new opportunities for errors. If it’s fairly easy, can we add a way to change all of the times at once?


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Well, that is still prone to error. I think you should just purchase the next SGPro add-on coming out in 2.4.3 (it is guaranteed to work).


Do you mean like one dialog box that shows all target end times and allows editing of them apart from clicking on each target’s settings individually (would also have a button to decrement all or something like this)? Just trying to envision this from a user experience perspective.


I was thinking of something simpler. Just a dialog box saying “decrement all start and end times by (fill in the blank) minutes.” The way you describe would be great, but it sounds like more work for you.

BTW, awesome sessions the last two nights. Four targets each night, beautiful conditions, with me sound asleep.


Archiving this because I think this satisfies the need:

Sorry to revive this. The last post said that this is archived because the target settings list/editor was put on the list for 2.5. Did this functionality get added? I looked for it, but I don’t see it anywhere.


No… just didn’t want to track 2 separate requests.