Feature request: have user confirm scope sync to unexpected coordinates

I had an incident last night where I left my system imaging unattended, clouds rolled in, and Recovery Mode kicked in. According to the logs the plate solver gave an incorrect solution during recovery and the scope was synced to a bogus sky position. SGP then slewed to the target position which put the scope pointing towards the ground. Only luck prevented it from crashing into the pier and damaging gear.

I would like to request that SGP have a manual confirmation for cases where the sync differs from mount’s reported position by more than a few degrees. During automated operation the mount will never be far from where it thinks it is, and a large difference indicates something is seriously wrong and intervention is needed. The confirmation dialog should have a timeout and run the sequence shutdown if the user does not acknowledge it.


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I’ve never had it that bad but I have had bad results. That would be cool.


Good idea! But we need to be careful with the actions taken after hitting this situation. For instance imagine that the true coordinates are the one solved by SGP. If that’s the case the mount is lost and probably is a bad idea to park it right away.

I think is a good idea to add some sort or user defined threshold and handle as solve failure anything above that threshold. At least we will try to sync the mount multiple times before shutting down the sequence.



I think a Park on error but at current position might be a good solution but im not sure all mounts support that, so maybe tracking off wait for user input would be a better solution?

Well, this is already implemented in the 2.4.1 release… whatever you have selected in your end of sequence options will happen.