File names for focus darks

The manual and the tool tip say two different things for the file naming convention for focus run darks. Which/What is correct?

Does it have to be fit or can it be CR2 (I have a Canon DSLR)?

Does SGP just use one dark frame for a given focus exposure length?


It can be CR2. I believe whatever you have selected in the camera properties – CR2, FITS, or CR2+FITS. (I personally recommend people stick with CR2.)

This didn’t fully answer my question.

XXX_name.cr2 where xxx is the number of seconds or

Tool tip says one thing, manual says another.

It depends on what version of SGPro you are using.

  • Both 2.3 and the current 2.4 beta only support FITS darks
  • SGPro 2.3 requires exact naming like (this is a bug)
  • The next 2.4 beta will allow for exposure time +/- 2 sec (4 sec exposures will apply the closest dark file within 2 seconds)
  • The next 2.4 beta will allow for CR2/CRW/NEF dark frames in addition to FITS
  • The help file and tooltips all match and say the same thing now

Thanks for the report.