First Hubble Palette Image - IC1396 (Elephants Trunk)

Got my QSI 6120 back from its trip to the US and a couple of clearish nights allowed me to grab a few subs. SGP controlled all this but some manual pausing was required to deal with passing cloud.

Was a good test of the automated ROR obs which worked flawlessly under SGP control.

Pleased with how this turned out so thought would share.

5 x 10m Ha
5 x 15m OII
4 x 15m SII

59 Bias and 19 Darks, 29 flats for each channel

Tak FSQ 106 + Reducer (385mm FL and f/3.6)
Paramount MX
QSI 6120




Hi Trevor,
beautiful image!


A cracking image…

Stunning. Congratulations.

Incredible - good work!


Thanks for the positive comments, was good to get an image done.

Nice job Trevor!