First real session with SGP (pre-register)

I am using PHD2 for guiding and had my first real session with SGP though using one target at a time. Configuration was telescope-POTH hub; POTH hub to guider/PHD2/SGP.
Calibration appeared fine.
I had assumed that telescope/SX M25C etc FITs data would all be appended but the telescope details are not in the headers.
Although I set the camera cooling to -15C, every sequence start complained that the camera hadn’t cooled to the set temp (0C). I did click ‘set’. I went ahead anyway because the temp showed -15C.
There maybe another query that I’ve forgotten! The session was only terminated when PHD2 failed - but that’s for a different forum.


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Hi Lawrence,

Since you are connecting via poth hub, the FITS header entry will not contain the name of your mount. The camera’s name should be listed under INSTRUME and will contain the name of the ASCOM driver.

Hard to tell based on this description. We will need to the log file of a run showing the behavior and the SGF file you are using. Please see this post for more information: