Fits Header missing Coordinates


I have upgraded to to fix the switch issue with my Pegasus Power Box (which it did fix). However, I just noticed that the Fits header does not have the RA and Dec coordinates saved to it anymore. Why did this get dropped? Is there a setting to add it back

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OS: Windows 10

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I also noticed that the Telescope and Solver data is now missing from my FITS headers since going to 4.0.668 from the previous 661 version.

Can someone verify or provide a procedural fix?


Was not dropped on purpose. I’ll look into this and see what happened.


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Thanks Jared. It is a critical thing to have in the fits file as it makes it more of a challenge to do image analysis and plate solving later on with the files.

I have just noticed this too. Has the missing coordinates bug been found? Just wondering.

Ok, I am starting to get a little frustrated. I downloaded and installed the release version of SGP4. However, it still has the same issue with the missing coordinates and image scale in the fits file. Jared, I am surprised that you released the production version of 4 without addressing this bug?


It’s same of mine.
I noticed it when I applied post-plate solving with Pixinsight.
‘FITS data should not lost the coordinate’ I first wondered.
I always center on the targets with Plate solve2.
Though, all of my recent data had lost it!

OS win 10 pro updating bug? or SPG 64bit bug?
Hope it will fixed soon.


and, I remembered.

I always use dither guiding with PHD2. Is this the reason?
In precise, the coordinate will change in every shot.
You should run Plate solve in every shots, though it did not.

The coordinates after plate solving are in the log file, and get written to the temporary psXSolve_*.fit files. They are just not being written to the sequence image files. I have only had this problem starting with the last two SGP4 releases including the production release.

Hm, I’m not replicating this but I’m also using the 32 bit version. Can someone attach a log as well as a FITs file that is missing this data that corresponds with the log. There may be something that differs with the 64bit version here? Not exactly sure at the moment.


Hi Jared. I would be happy to attach a log and fits file. But how do I do that? This system will not let me attach a .log or a .fit file.

Sorry, I went back and read the forum help. I will share a link to my google drive.

Here is a link to last nights log file and a fits from the session. SGP Log and Fit - Google Drive

Here’s another download with a fits file and log: - Google Drive

Thanks guys. I have this addressed. Looks like an error with gathering the offsets basically caused the remainder of the fits header gathering to bail. All that stuff was after the offset.

Will be on in the next release of 4.0. Probably in a couple of days.


Thanks so much Jared! That is really great news. While it doesn’t stop me from making images it does add challenges with processing them later, so it will be great to get this fixed.