FMW Issues Deleting/Renaming Target

Using FWM create a target with a working image. Then delete the target in the sequence.

Issue 1: After deleting target, working image remains. Expected it to be removed.
Issue 2: The remaining working image can not be deleted. You can close the window but if you reopen the sequence it is still there. Should be able to remove a working image. Perhaps closing the window should delete it with a suitable warning. Or, perhaps a right click Delete menu item.
Issue 3: As a result of 1 & 2. You can’t recreate the deleted target because it already exists.
Issue 4: If you rename a target that has a working image, the working image is not renamed.

A working image is no different than any other associated sequence file. Deleting a target has no effect on these files. If you want to get rid of attached sequence files like MFW working images, do so though the sequence menu.

I’m at a loss to see how to delete such images. The only thing on the sequence menu having to do with images is Clear Image Browser Cache and that does not do it.

If the images are disconnected from the targets, why do I get a target already exists error trying to recreate a deleted target when the working image is still present?

You want “Manage Sequence Files”

Well… I think you are associating 2 things going on that are not really related. To get rid of a working image created from a MFW run, “Sequence->Manage Sequence Files”

Keep in mind that deleting the image wfrom the sequence will not close the image (it probably should), but when you save the sequence again, it will no longer be associated with it.

The other issue (which I believe has nothing to do with working images or sequence files in general, is that targets cannot have duplicate names (I think this is the error you are seeing?). It is possible that there is a bug when deleting and creating a target, that the protection mechanism still thinks the target is there. I’ll check this out.

I tried to delete and recreate a target with the same name and had no issue, so maybe we are talking about different things…

I’ll see if I can get you an exact set of steps. Meanwhile, my computer is tied up imaging which, of course, takes priority. I will check out the delete method you describe, however, if you look at the sequence of steps as a whole it is rather obtuse to have to delete the working image via this method. Not at all obvious.

Sometimes there are learning curves. That’s what the docs and this forum serve. We can’t simply delete a sequence file because you delete a target.

There are certainly other methods we could choose to achieve the same effect… it’s really just a matter of choosing where to spend time. Tidying this up is not on the priority list right now.

Steps to reproduce.

  1. FMW fetch M33; create target with working image
  2. Delete target (FMW is still displayed)
  3. Recreate M33 target with FMW - get error that target already exists
  4. Delete working image via Manage Sequence Files
  5. Recreate M33 target again - this time it works

This behavior suggests that the target and working image are not completely independent. The name conflict seems to be on the working image.

Regarding tidying up. Sometimes it’s the little details that really makes a piece of software shine. You already have a context menu (right click) for images. Why not add Remove to it? That menu is much more likely to be discovered by a user. And, as you point out, Remove should also close the image window.

It’s not that I disagree. I am tidying up stuff right now actually… just in more used parts of the software. This area of the software is very rarely used. I have a list of 22 items to tidy up or make more convenient that are in areas of the software used by far more folks. This list does not reflect new feature items. So… stuff like this gets shuffled to the bottom.

That said, place it in feature requests of you’d like. If a bunch of folks jump onto the thread and rally, it gets bumped up higher. Right now, after more than 2 years of use, this is the first complaint. This indicates , to me, that the current system is just fine or that it is not used all that often (I think the latter is more accurate in this case).

Ultimately, it’s your product - your decision. I just report the issues. Sometimes issues are more prevalent than you think - many times users don’t report problems.

And we do appreciate the reports. Just trying to be transparent (instead of ignoring you) .

@DesertSky No major refactoring, but the error you were (are) seeing no longer exists. I have removed it and inserted logic to pick a unique name for your sequence image. It’s not what you are after, but it only took 5 minutes. Now you will have sequence image files named M33, M33-1, etc…