Focus reporting error


My auto focus is reporting an error. Is the problem visible in the logs? Its says something might be wrong.

I feel it pulls out too far for the first image.

Kind regards


Link to Logs

Useful Info

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC
Ver: (64-bit)
.NET: 4.8

The issue seems to be that the camera’s 2x2 gain and offset settings are zeroed out and, as such the camera is producing blank auto focus images.

[07/29/22 00:29:33.870][DEBUG][Camera Thread][AF;] ASCOM camera: Capturing auto focus frame...
[07/29/22 00:29:33.870][DEBUG][Camera Thread][AF;] ASCOM: AF Binning: 2x2...
[07/29/22 00:29:33.870][DEBUG][Camera Thread][AF;] ASCOM: AF Exposure length: 2 seconds...
[07/29/22 00:29:33.870][DEBUG][Camera Thread][AF;] ASCOM: AF Exposure DL speed: HIGH
[07/29/22 00:29:33.872][DEBUG][Camera Thread][AF;] SetAscomGain to 0
[07/29/22 00:29:33.872][DEBUG][Camera Thread][AF;] Camera gain set to 0

Hello Ken,

Zeroed out ? Has it something to do with my setting?

Kind regards

Please see the help manual (the section on gain and offset). These values are also set in the Equipment Profile so that future sequences will not suffer the same fate.