Focus Routine turns off the Camera Cooler

I have been using the program for two years now, but over the last two nights while running the second Focus routine during a run (The first was run at the start of the sequence) the camera looses USB comms and the temp goes to zero. Here is a cut and paste form the log.

Any idea why the focus routine would turn off the cooler?
[04/02/21 23:12:02.245][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] Turning temp comp off… More lines below.
I have swapped USB cable and USB port and it happened again tonight.
I use the Sesto Sensa Focuser and driver from Prima Luce. Atik 11 meg is my camera. I m using the ASCOM 6.4 I think version to get SGP comms to the camera.
Thanks Tom.

[04/02/21 23:12:02.213][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Checking if Meridian Flip is needed
[04/02/21 23:12:02.214][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Telescope is on the West side of the mount
[04/02/21 23:12:02.214][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Meridian Flip not needed, Hour Angle < Degrees Past To Flip: -34,3891186868593 < 2,5
[04/02/21 23:12:02.214][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] EventMarker 3 - t:M89 M90 (0); e:0; f:2; o:
[04/02/21 23:12:02.215][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Waiting for AF to complete…
[04/02/21 23:12:02.221][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] SGM_FOCUSER_AUTO_FOCUS message received…
[04/02/21 23:12:02.221][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] Checking for auto focus…
[04/02/21 23:12:02.221][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] Auto focus required (frame count trigger)…
[04/02/21 23:12:02.232][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] Auto focus: setting filter Lum
[04/02/21 23:12:02.232][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] Setting filter position 1…
[04/02/21 23:12:02.232][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] Filter position 1 is already set. Skipping…
[04/02/21 23:12:02.234][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] Auto focus running…
[04/02/21 23:12:02.245][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] Turning temp comp off…

That last line is temperature compensation not the camera cooler.

My first suspect would be to check the connectors. Connect to the camera and gently wiggle the USB connectors around a little. See if that does not sever the connections.

A little shot of deoxit would not hurt!

Thanks for your reply UlteriorModem.
I read it wrong. Guess my brain was locked into the cooler. Yes given the observatory has gone through a winter and doubt moisture probably no harm to try that deficit spray and reconnect.

Dont forget the power connector too :smiley: