Focuser back to zero at end of sequence

Hi to all the team!
Is it possible to add a « back to zero » for the focuser at the end of the sequence?
Thank’s and have a nice day.

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I second that!

Every night I have to manually send the focuser to zero position so for me it will be a nice addition to the end of Sequence procedures



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I third that!


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Fourth vote

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Fifth!; it would be convenient

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I support this too. Maybe with the possibility of storing the last focus setting and a quick return to that position the next imaging session.

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I’ll go for that too as part of the End of Sequence Options so everyone has the choice to use or not.

Further to Allenk’s point:-
The pain of a manual bahtinov mask procedure ! ! !. Every time I image, which has not been a lot lately due to house renovations, I make a note of the focus position which was successful for auto focus along with the temp and it works perfectly for initial focus position to start off 99.9% of the time.

For Full automation - It’s a must

If I may ask, what is the definition of “zero position” in terms of a focuser? Is it the position where the draw tube is fully in? Or the position of the focuser at the start of the sequence? If the former, why is it necessary/preferable to move the focuser to a zero position at the end of a sequence?

Zero position is fully in.
If you don’t have a permanent setting or an observatory you have to désassemble your rig to bring it back in your house and it’s easier.

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