Formating my obs. PC and question about Licensce


I just bought a copy of SGP as I was getting familiar and very happy with it after using the trial license for a few weeks.
Now, I have to format my observatory PC because of another problem I have and I wonder if I’ll “waste” one of the copies when installing SGP again.


Hi, Israel!

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You will not have problems about license and number of PC. When you finish formatting and reinstalling your system, go to the main software page and log into your account:

Then you will see a new option at the right side of the website: “manage”. There you can list your licences and your PC.

José Manuel

Hi, Gembol!!!

Lo mismo digo, encantado de verte por aquí, Jose Manuel… :smile:

Thanks for the help!!.. I was already worry about my 3 copies, but not anymore… :wink:

I’m using EQMOD v1.28b, is this the correct one to use?

Thanks again and best regards.

Israel Gil