Frame and Focus Debayering

I’m using a QYH8L OSC and connected it up to SGpro for the first time this evening although clouds meant I hardly had time to capture just a few minutes on Vega before packing up. Here’s my question, During frame and focus can SGpro debayer the images, I normally magnify a star enormously to focus and with SGpro the bayer matrix becomes apparent as a grid, making focus almost impossible.

We do not debayer images from OSC cameras at any time as it should not be required to find good focus. You should really attempt to be focusing with auto focus (if you have a focus motor), if you don’t, use the image history module with FF to find your low HFR reading or lastly use a bahtinov mask with software like bahtinov grabber (free). We have many users that find these methods work satisfactorily.


You can also bin which will “remove” the grid from the images as it will combine pixels.


Thanks Ken,

I have a motorised focuser and a bhatinov mask with grabber and have used HFR and find them all excellent tools for focusing. The visible bayer matrix on the frame and focus window when zoomed in is the issue for what I’m attempting to do not the actual method.

I’ll have a bash with autofocus at some point but for the time being I want to continue in a hands on way.

Thanks Jared, I’ll have a go with binning set.


Yes I use binning for a osc , makes it far easier to get correct focus


yeah, binning sorted the problem. Also tried autofocus with my HITEC focuser and boy did that impress!