Frame and focus -save to disk

So last night right before clouds got worse then they were already I snuck out to take a quick capture to test if moving cables away from my ccd would help get rid of a possible amp glow issue I had last session with my QHY 10. I just wanted one image so I figured id use the save to disk option in frame and focus. Well, today I went to transfer said file to my processing PC and couldn’t find it. After reading SGP manuals it looks like it’s designed to make a FrameAndFocus folder in you sequence folder, but… I never made a sequence folder because I wasn’t going to run a sequence. I’m assuming the file is “gone” since I could not find it. But since I’ve got like 1-2 weeks of clouds in my future forecast I’m hoping someone here might know where this file was saved? Or a confirmation that it wasn’t saved at all since I had no folder set for a sequence then.

Thanks for any help!

Check in Documents\SGP for this folder.


You must specify a image save directory for this feature to work properly.

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