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I know this has been addressed some times before, but I think I have a good reason to ask about debayering images in SGP. I have an ASI1600MCC (OSC) and a small doublet refractor. Getting pictures in my lightpolluted suburbian backyard, I have to use lightpollution filters. They have two “windows” in their spectrum where light is passed through, one at around 500nm and one around 700nm. If you have a more or less dramatic chromatic aberration from the refractor, it is very hard to find a suitable focus positon. If you focus on the red spectrum, you get cyan rings around stars, if you focus on the cyan spectrum, you get red rings around the stars. But there is a point inbetween, where there are no coloured rings around the stars. If you don’t have a colour preview in Frame’n’Focus, it is nearly impossible to find the ‘neutral’ focus spot.
So maybe it is possible to place a function to debayer on the fly (it would be only for display reasons, no save)? It would be fun to see, what a motorized focusser would achieve. I guess the shape of the graph would be W-like instead of V-shaped. I don’t know, if this setup would work. But as long, as I do not have a focusser, I have to fight with manual focus.

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Hi Chris - try DSS live and point it to your F&F directory. It will debayer and display the last saved F&F image. During a auto focus situation though each focus group is saved in its own “pack”. it would be a pain to repoint DSS live to each new focus pack dir (of images) but it’s a bit of a work around until SGP can handle it.

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this sounds like a good workaround.
If I read the forum, I have the feeling, debayer will not make it to SGP.

I’ve just added ‘debayer’ feature to my SGP:

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