Framing and Mosaic Wizard license expired?

Hi Ken and Jared,

I just discovered that the license for my Framing and Mosaic Wizard has expired. I didn’t even realize it did this. It has a time limit? Any info appreciated!


The framing and mosaic tool is an ‘add-on’. I can’t remember the price, but you buy an additional license for it after a trial period. Same with the GNSS.

Hope that helps :smile:

Hmmm…I thought I did buy it. Maybe I just used the trial version. Can you tell me either way Ken or Jared?



Paypal sends receipts for all your purchases from MSS. If you cannot locate a receipt and still think you have purchased the addon in the past, please PM me your PayPal address. Really the only time this has been known to happen is when you purchase SGPro and its addons using different Paypal accounts (or you changed the primary email address of your Paypal account between purchases. Is this something that might have happened to you? If so, please PM me both email addresses.


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I am on the trial period of SGP and wanted to try the mosaic option as well but the web page implied that you can only try it after you have a full licence for SGP. How do I download it?

If you have a trial version of SGPro, you can use the MFW and Notification addons as well.

I don’t see how. As I said before, if you go to the download page you are asked to buy it (with a 30-day refund option). There is no other method of downloading for trial.

Just go to Tool->Mosaic and Framing Wizard. Nothing to download. This is all in the documentation as well.

Oh gosh. I’m sorry. How did I miss that?

Hi mads,
I’m pretty sure I did buy it. That’s why I’m surprised to find it has expired.

Dean if you can send your PayPal email address to we can look. Please reference this post.

You should also have a receipt from PayPal. Just look for mfw as that is what the product is called.

Also make sure you’re using the 2.4 release and not beta.


Please disregard… this is an old thread that was resurrected by a server restart, it has already been resolved.

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