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I have just added a scope to my mount - so now have a refractor 150 mm aperture, fl 1200 mm and a celestron c11. I intend to use my sbig stt8300m with both. I have set up the equipment profiles - most of it seems to be the same - differences in the profiles are focal lengths.

my intention with the two setups is to use the C11, 0.8 reducer and SBIG as a galaxy imager - it works well and gives a good image scale. I intend to use the refractor for wide field stuff.

Anyway, when i use the framing and mosaic wizard, it calculates the FOV as the same for both profiles. here’s what i did:

tools -> profile manager pick the c11 profile, OK
tools -> framing & mosaic wizard fetch M31 as 2 deg fov
drag my rectangle onto the image - i did this so that SGP gave me one recatngle.

I did exactly the same as above but 1st step is Tools -> profile manager pick the refractor profile, ok

I noted that at the bottom of the F& M window, it says validate the data below and click to generate sequence. The FOV it shows me is 0.9 X 0.69 for both of the above cases (incorrect for both)

I’ve obviously missed something…

thanks for help

subsequently this seems to have got worse as the camera data is populating as 1000 x 1000 which is not what I have set in the equipent profiles -(3300 ish x 2500 ish for the sbig)


What you need to do is click “new sequence from profile” select your chosen profile then load the framing and mosaic wizard and the correct fov should be loaded in the F&M wizard

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Thanks Dave - new sequence from profile did the trick. I have used it a lot (the F&M wizard) and it is a really great additional feature to sgp which has improved my imaging efficiency a lot.

I was just using it out of context to compare the fovs and forgot the correct process.

thanks for your help,

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