Framing Preview

The framing and Mosaic wizard is amazing and probably my most favorite image. It would be great for a sequence to be able to preview the sequence in the framing and mosaic wizard. Basically just check the targets off and use the framing and Mosaic wizard to show what you’ve framed up. Sometimes this is helpful if you’ve taken a sample image and it didn’t come out right and you want to move things around, so just loading the targets back into the framing and mosaic wizard can help with that.

Thx for the suggestion. You can currently see a single frame by asking the MFW to center on one of your images (mosaic tiles) that didn’t turn out right. It will center the canvas on that image and then draw a blue rectangle around the area of the sky covered by your image. There is currently no way to view multiple tiles at one time, but will take it into consideration.

What would also be great is once you load the frame to have a clickable arrow on each side of the rectangle of your frame where when you click it you add another rectangle for building up a mosaic.