Functions not supported

I’ve downloaded SG to both my laptop and my desk machine for testing prior to buying it. Unfortunately, although everything seems to work on the desktop, that’s not where I need it; the telescope control and the focus control both come up as “not supported” and I get a “RegistryAccess.New - Unexpected exception” notice when I try to load the software on the laptop.
The exception text refers to ASCOM. I have the latest edition of ASCOM loaded on both computers (Win10) and the same version of SG (
All thoughts appreciated; unless this is resolved, the software is useless to me.


sounds like perhaps an ascom issue, but it’s impossible to know. you’ll need to post your logs so ken or jared can look at it.



I agree with Rob here. It does sound like it may be ASCOM related, but I am not sure. The logs will be nice, but I am not sure if they will point to anything… it’s worth a shot.

Did ASCOM install with no error? Have you run the ASCOM diagnostic tool?

I am not sure what this means. Can you clarify?

Hi Ken,
I did run the ASCOM diagnostics and had one issue. That log file is
I’ve also included the unhandled exception message I get when I load SGP.

Telescope control and focus control arewhat I’m looking for in the
Equipment Profile Manager. When I open the Equipment Profile Manager,
the list of equipment across the top on the right side includes Camera,
Filters, Focus, Telescope, Plate Solve and Autoguide, plus Other. If I
click on either Focus or Telescope, the Focus box is greyed out and
there is a message saying, for example, Focuser(not supported). Same
thing with Telescope, of course. Meaning SGP won’t connect either to the
focuser or to the telescope.

I appreciate your help.

SGP_Exception.txt (10.7 KB)

I don’t see that log file. You might be better off on the ASCOM forums with this issue. While we have some experts around, you will likely get a better response (on repairing ASCOM) from the ASCOM group.

The SGPro exception is very likely related to this issue.

Thanks, Kent, I’ll try the ASOM people.


Hi Ken and thanks for your help.

“Good ol’ Windows!” is the response to the solution. I removed anytning
related either to SGP or ASCOM and redid both the download and
installation. Problem solved. I’m not a computer guy in any serious
sense so these things are always something of a mystery to me but, it
looks like everything is working as advertised.

Thanks again,
Kent Martens