Galaxy NGC 4236

NGC 4236 from last spring. It is a bit faint but fairly large. Image was cropped quite a bit from original size to get rid of some obnoxious bright stars. A larger scope would have been ideal but the TOA 130 is the longest focal length I have at this time.

STT 8300
TOA 130
Paramount ME
Acquired SGP/PhD
Processed Pixinsight
26.75 hours LRGB

NGC 4236


Very nice. What were the sub exposures and total exposure times for each filter? Binned 1x1 or 2x2? Was flattener or reducer used?


RGB were 15 minute and L was 10 minute. Binned 1x1 (I used to bin 2X many years ago but never bin anything 2X anymore). Yes, the there is a Tak flattener in the imaging train, no reducer.

I would like to have gone 15 with the L but those (now cropped) bright stars were a bit much.