GNS with Remote Systems?

I have a friend who is setting up at a remote observatory (controlled over the internet). Will GNS on a phone work to monitor an observatory that is not on your own network, rather somewhere out on the internet?

That is a good question. I think the answer is no, but this is a question better suited for its author @jaime

Well, the thing is: if there is tcp/ip (v4) connectivity between the smartphone and the PC, then, yes, the GNS will work. So for this case I’d say the answer is positive.

Assuming the observatory PC is in a internal (private) network, the user will have to add a mapping to his router, so TCP port 10099 (unless changed) is redirected to the PC running GNS.

Also, if the observatory network does not have a fixed public IP, dynamic dns services will help reaching it from the outside. But given the observatory is already remote, I guess this part is already solved.