Good Night System Question

Before I take the time and effort to set up GNS, can GNS be used with a local wifi personal area network? When I’m out in the field and have no internet connection I set up a personal wifi network so I can communicate with my mount computer via a tablet or other laptop. Will GNS work with this setup on my smartphone (or the tablet) over a personal network and not having an internet connection?

I think this is fine. As I recall GNS only ever asks for a the local IP of the Windows machine running the client (SGPro). Remember not to install your own Windows GNS client… let SGPro handle all of that for you. Make sure to download the free version (mobile) of GNS first (to make sure it all works before buying).

Ken is right, only requisite is some way (network way, I mean) for the smartphone/tablet to reach the observatory PC. Local wifi or WAN 3G, 4G… whatever, is the same from the point of view of the GNS.

Question…my GNS is set to send me a text when something goes wrong, and it works just fine. However, when using my Mosaic Tool and switching to the next Panel the “Center On” feature will trigger a GNS text to be sent saying that I have lost the guide star. In the mean time it is just running the center on routine like it is suppose to .

Is there any way of stopping this unnecessary error text being sent to me ??

Thanks !!

I don’t know why this would happen, MFW panels are no different than any other 2 targets. When switching between them, we stop the auto guider and then perform centering action (this should not send star lost messages unless you are somehow not actually stopping the guider before the slew. We would need logs to understand what is happening…