Guiding enabled/disabled per target

With more and more people being able to run unguided with shorter exposures or because of higher quality mounts i see the need to have an option for a “per target” or “per event” guiding option to be able to choose between guided or unguided for different length of exposures.
I would be able to use unguided for RGB 60-300s, but for 600-1200 L and NB i would use guiding.

For this to work there would need to be a separate set of options for unguided and guided since “opther options” isn’t the same for them.

I think an easily visible option could be added here to enable or disable guiding.

I was thinking of exactly the same thing. I do unguided on LRGB but would prefer guiding on narrowband filters. As I understand it, there is no option to achieve this within SGPro. This would be a great enhancement.

Yes, this would be a great feature. I have iOptron CEM120EC2 and I do unguided on LRGB (1-5min explosures). New mounts are getting better and better and this feature will be a great feature for them.