Hanging while slewing

I’ve moved over to a new computer and having oh so much fun sorting out new issues every night out. Haven’t made it past 10pm any night so far due to frustration.

Anyway, latest issue is SGP is hanging up after sending a slew command. Using SGP to issue a slew the mount slews, stops and starts tracking but SGP still things the mount is slewing.

Any ideas off the top of the head what might be going on here?

I’ve had similar issues, where nothing was behaving itself.

Check the equipment profiles, ensuring that they are named the same as the ones on your old PC. Then go through the control panel Tabs, making sure everything is correct & re-saving etc.
The same goes for PHD2 profiles etc

Thanks for the reply Dr_J. Of course ran a test on the mount inside and everything working fine. I’m sure when I put it everything back out again, troubles.

If you can duplicate it please attach a log. More info can be found here: