Having issues setting my camera up with sequence stacker

Hello folks

So I am very new to sequence stacker and would like to use this software for my astrophotography.
I did some indoor tests today. I managed to connect to my Advanced VX mount and control it. Also I could connect to the camera.

Now this is where I am starting to get issues.
To test the camera control I wanted to take some dark frames (exposure time of 30s, repeat 8 times).

Whenever I hit start sequence an error occours (ESD_ERR_DEVICE_BUSY or similar). I am using the Canon 7D Mark II.
Even though I hear the camera turning the mirror two times (after the error message goes away). It does not capture any frames though. After that I can hit “resume sequence” and same happens again.

Do you have any idea what is causing this or how to fix this?

You need your logs attached.

sg_logfile_20160109181300.txt (880.2 KB)

You can find several different cases in that logfile where it happend, as I have been trying to fix it a few times.
One occurrence is at [1/9/2016 7:12:14 PM] (Line 4094)

It might not be a bad idea to switch the logfile logging in the app.config to “INFO” instead of “DEBUG” by default. logfiles can get huge very fast. People can still set logging level to DEBUG if needed right? Also the error message in the logfile is logged with log level “DEBUG”, which would be wrong in my opinion. You should use “ERROR” for non fatal errors, and FATAL for fatal errors that cause program to exit.

In case this might be of use: I used the firmware v 1.0.4, I just updated it to 1.0.5 on my canon 7d Mark II, I will try if that fixed the issue.

Tested with firmware 1.0.5, still doesnt work

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Unfortunately we don’t have a 7D to test against. Maybe someone else has one working and can chime in? I know we have some known issues with the 6D and it’s likely that the 7D and 6D use similar Digic versions. So it could be the same issue.


I now switched to BackyardEOS, works without any issues with my Canon 7D Mark II
But thanks for your time :wink:

OK, thanks for giving us a few tries to figure it out ;).

Good luck!