Help please - ZWO Asi120mm and Win 7 issue?

I have recently taken delivery of a ZWO Asi 120mm camera, loaded the ascom drivers and PHD recognises it.
However, SGP doesn’t list ASI in the camera list could this be an issue running Windows 7?
SGP recognises the scope, filter, wheel focuser and my Canon 6D when attached.
Thanks in advance for any help with this.


SGPro will display whatever cameras ASCOM knows about. You’ll want to ensure that the ASCOM driver is properly installed (in addition to the native drivers).

Go to ASI 120 support page. You’ll find two drivers, one of them the ASCOM one. This one:

Install this driver and you will be able to see ASI from SGP.


José Manuel

Many thanks !

Just to follow up, It turned out to be a problem with the Ascom platform. I reloaded and repaired with the latest Ascom 6.3 and Asi camera 1&2 now appearing in SGP.
Thanks again !