Help with error and force abort

Hi all
I’ve started having issues with PHD and SGP and my mount. I honestly don’t think this is a SGP problem but I’m wondering if someone can have a look at my log. I got a few subs but when it starts dithering all of a sudden my mount gets stuck and PHD can’t move the mount. I’m going to talk to the Astro-Physics support people tomorrow so they can look at the mount remotely.


Hi there,

I’m not able to say exactly why, but if it’s helpful to you, the logs show that PHD2 does send a message to SGPro during the observed issue:

[09/25/22 23:50:20.695][DEBUG][PHD2 Listener Thread][SQ;] PHD2 is not able to make sufficient corrections in RA.  Check for cable snags, try re-doing your calibration, and check for problems with the mount mechanics."

I have added a note to modify SGPro such that it looks for and presents this error to the user via the notification center.

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