Help with meridian flip

I am having trouble getting meridian flip to occur, reliably. On rare occasions its works, but often not. I have attached a log from last night where the flip failed at 1:32:36 am. Before I attempt again, has anyone got any suggestions?

I am using an AZ-EQ6-GT mount, with EQMOD 1.28b with sideofpier set to Physical. Flip is set at 1 Deg past meridian, 2.4 release. Guiding, frame and focus etc work fine.



Hi Scott

I was having a similar problem (see: Pier flip fails when scope syncs back across meridian).

You may be experiencing the same thing. When you try to sync EQMOD on the ‘wrong’ side of the meridian it is so far off it not only rejects the sync, but it also zeroes out all previous sync data. If your mount ‘start’ position is off by a little bit it can result in a sync back across the meridian, and the SGP slew command doesn’t cause a flip.

If that’s the case, the solution is to make sure the ‘DxSA’ and ‘DxSB’ values in the alignment box of EQMOD are below a couple of thousand or so.

You can do this by a, being more careful aligning your mount start position, and/or b, successively sync and slip the RA and DEC clutches until the numbers come down to an acceptable value.