Help with sequence recovery

I have been issues with the SGP completely quitting after my autoguider loses a star, after the meridian flip.

while it seems this is an intentional safety feature built into the program, what is happening is that SGP is ending my sequence after just a few minutes of cloud cover. If I am awake at the scope, not a problem. But when I would like to go to sleep and have automation, it is a shame that a small patch of clouds completely shuts off the aquisitions.

Is there anything I can change so that AFTER the meridian flip, a random patch of clouds does not terminate the sequence? Ideally, it should keep trying to get fix on a star for a period of time (like it does before the meridian flip).



Just enable Sequence Recovery: Tools/Options/Sequence Options. The default is to attempt recovery every 10min for 90min, but you can change that to what you want.

I am pretty sure I have recovery mode enabled. I will check the settings when I get home.

It was not triggering last night In the on line help conent, it states " The attempt to recover your sequence will end…or when the scopes passes the meridian." I assumed becasue my target was already passed the meridian when the clouds rolled in, that explained why recovery mode wasnt triggering.


I’m not sure how SGP behaves when near the meridian flip. It’s possible that the clouds came in shortly before the flip, and then when the mount reported it was past the meridian SGP aborted the sequence to prevent any possibility of a pier crash. Otherwise the mount will just keep tracking for 90min (the recovery period) and in that scenario a pier crash could happen.
On the other hand, if the meridian flip already happened before recovery was triggered, then SGP should keep trying to recover for 90min.

Logs would be helpful.

The meridian will only cancel recovery if you are in recovery and your mount tracks through the meridian while waiting to recover. It shouldn’t have any bearing on how things act after the meridian flip.

As Joel mentioned, logs would help: