Histogram stretching using the keyboard?

Is it possible to adjust the histogram manually using the keyboard? I find that
fine adjustment with the mouse dragging those arrows is very hit and miss and frustrating.



You can, please see this section in our help (I will also move this to the stretching section so it’s easier to find):


Thank you Ken that’s great, I did search the help but I was looking in the histogram section. I did think to try the left / right keys, but nothing seemed to happen. Now though I can see it does move, but very slowly, I just did not notice before.

I note that the points only move a small amount when I press and release the key and the longer I keep the key pressed, the larger steps it moves, is that how it’s meant to work?


No, you are just stretching faster than the screen can render the new image and it just appears like it is going faster. The idea behind stretching is:

  • Apply auto stretching as base line (good enough for most folks)
  • Coarse movements: drag the arrows with the mouse
  • Semi-fine movements: Use the mouse wheel (or trackpad slider) -> 100 ADU / increment
  • Fine movements: Use the arrow keys -> 10 ADU / press


Thank you, yes I can see how it works now, that’s just what I wanted :smile:


Sure. This has all been included in the help file for 2.4 as well.