Hitec DC Focus controller v2 - Compatibility

i bought an Hitec DC Focus controller v2 ( http://hitecastro.co.uk/index.php/products/item/hitecdcfocus.html ) and it works correctly on my windows 10 with native software HitechDCFocus 2019 (http://hitecastro.co.uk/index.php/support/item/hitecdcfocus2-software-download-version-1-3-copy.html), but it doesn’t work with Ascom platform. Ascom platform (Diagnostics) can connect it but when i click Focus Out/Focus In it doesn’t work. Obviously also Sequence Generator Pro can connect it but controls not work.

Do I need a real compatible ASCOM driver ?

Thanks for support

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That focuser is what’s known as a “relative focuser” meaning it can only pulse in a direction, but lacks the ability to move an absolute number of “steps”. SGPro does not currently support relative focusers.

Hi, i’ve solved my problem. I must select HItecAstroFocuserDC1 from Ascom Dropdown List. It works in SGPro now! Thanks