How do I get PlateSoving parameters to automatically populate in PlateSolver2 when using SGP

Hi All,

Here is my kit.

  • 10 Micron 2000 UP
  • QSI 683
  • Tak FSQ106

I am using SGP and PlateSolver2 with my equipment and at least on the face of it, everything works together well. The mount and camera are recognised by SGP and if I take an image, I can plate solve it quickly with PlateSolver2 (right click the image). The paths to my catalogues are correct and I can successfully blind solve with ASTRONOMY.NET.

But in order to do this, I need to add the camera image scale (I get a pop up for “hints”). The coordinate “hints” from an image seem to automatically populate from the image headers, but not the image scale. Manually adding this may not seem like a problem, but I use ModelCreator2 for my mount and this uses SGP for plate solving. The whole process should be automatic i.e. I should be able to select points to image and plate solve and let the whole process run without any intervention on my part. Unfortunately, PS2 becomes unresponsive probably because it doesn’t have the image scale (this is a guess on my part at this stage).

I would have thought that the image scale would automatically come from the image headers (which in turn are filled out in the camera set up in the equipment profile).

Could someone help with this please…driving me nuts!


Have you created an equipment profile under Tools?

Enter your image scale there under the camera tab in “Settings and Specs”

Fill out all the other particulars in that and other tabs too, then save. Create additional profiles if you use other equipment.

Once set up remember to apply the profile to your various sequences.

SGPro does scour headers for scale. Where did this image come form? Are you sure this value is in the header? What version of SGPro are you using?